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Have you ever thought that silence was a skill that you might need in a facilitated session? Have you ever thought about being able to stay silent as being a skill?

It is quite uncomfortable when somebody is silent, even in just that moment where you were wondering if this video had frozen, you might have been starting to feel uncomfortable, but silence is a powerful, powerful tool to use to get somebody to share with you. Silence is one of those things that gives people the space and the time to think. It gives people the opportunity to process the question that you have asked them and then deliver to you the answer that they want to give to you.

So as a facilitator, you really should use silence as part of your repertoire. What you do not want to do is have a whole room full of people feeling really uncomfortable because they actually do not understand your question. So it may be that after a period of silence and when you have nobody talking to you, you need to rephrase and reframe your question. But please, please do not be afraid of using silence as a tool. And again, the video that you will see on active listening, will include more about silence.