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It is all very well having watched these videos and made your notes. Now, what you need to do is go away and practice. You do not have to practice with a group who you do not know, you do not have to practice a full facilitation. You can practice each of these skills on a daily basis. So when you meet a stranger, you can ask them a really good open question and see how they respond to you, see what they say to you. You can practice some of your facilitating, getting ideas, perhaps around the dinner table with your family when you are talking about the family holiday. You can facilitate a conversation about where you all want to go for your next vacation.

So practice all of the skills, practice them separately and then practice bringing them together. You can use the Naomi model to prepare a facilitation, but you can also use the Naomi model to work on a project plan for rebuilding your shed in your garden. You can use the Naomi model in a whole raft of situations. It is really important that you actually use these skills and use these ideas as soon as possible. If you have not used them within say, four to six weeks of watching these videos for the first time, I would strongly suggest you go back and watch the videos again; then you will be ready for your big facilitation moment.

And once you have done your facilitation, reflect on how it went. We asked you some questions earlier on, which you can use as part of your reflective process. Ask yourself what went well, ask yourself why it went well, and ask yourself how you are going to use that next time. Ask yourself what challenges you faced, ask yourself why you think those challenges arose, and ask yourself what you will do differently next time. So you are making this a continuous learning process. The important thing to take away from this section is practice. Practice as soon as possible and if you do not get to practice, come back to the video clips that you think are important, watch them again and then go away and have a go. Good luck.